About Us

Frontier Market Solutions, Egypt® is comprised of multi-cultural businessmen and women with very strong linguistic, cultural and regional experiences necessary to operate in the markets they work in.   Our teams not only speak Arabic, but also have extensive experience working and traveling throughout the region making them particularly effective at understanding the current climate in Egypt.  This understanding will be put to use matching investors and venture capitalists with the appropriate investments

Egypt is a market that has been stifled for decades by a short-term horizon that has been governed by a lack of certainty around political succession.  Now, we have a country with a population of 80 million people that have proven themselves to be very internet savvy and participants in the modern world facing a democratic process that was previously unheard of.  We will begin seeing venture capitalists take heed of a market they had not thought much about. Looking at Egypt’s ability to be a tech hub is something that people are definitely looking at. If you end up having a functioning political system that has good rule of law and private equity investors have the comfort to make longer-term bets, they could look at consumer discretionary, oil services and other sectors.

Frontier Market Solutions will be there at the forefront to connect the world with Egypt.





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