Meet Nebny Foundation: 2nd team to qualify for the Social Entrepreneurship Prize of the 7th MIT Enterprise Forum Arab Startup Competition

Nebny Foundation table

Upon the qualification of Nebny Foundation to the Social Entrepreneurship Prize of the MIT Enterprise Forum Arab Startup Competition, in partnership with ALJ Community Initiatives, we had the chance to quickly chat with Jawad Nabulsi, CEO of Nebny Foundation. Jawad sits on the board of the Technology Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center (TIEC)and is also the youngest board member of the prestigious Egyptian Water Regulatory Agency, where he administers investments, and is constantly working on innovative solutions for water purification. Jawad utilized social media to raise awareness and persuade others to participate in his ambitious fight for improvement. Also on the Nebny Foundation team are Heidi Abbass, Managing Director of Nebny Foundation and Rasha Badran, Managing Director of Nebny Foundation Egypt.


Q: In one-line, what is your project about?
A: Bringing happiness to Egyptians by giving them a meaning to their lives.


Q: What inspired you to start Nebny Foundation?
A: The constant search for happiness. I have tried many different ways. Giving back was the one thing that gave me a feel for happiness that nothing else achieved for me.


Q: What impact have you created to date?
A: 100,000 people have been directly effected as a result of our projects.


Q: What is the next milestone?
A: No illiterate student in Egypt by 2020.


Q: What is the biggest challenge for your social enterprise?
A: Sustaining the overhead costs.


Q: Have you received any feedback on your project? What was it?

A: We started grass root and crowd sourcing. We did not not have a specific project that we insisted on working with – we listened to the people. After three years of trial and error the advice was to focus and scale up, and this is what we are doing: education.


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