AAIB Launches ‘Sustainable Foundation’ to Support Micro Finance and Entrepreneurship

Arab African International Bank (AAIB) is planning to launch ‘sustainable foundation’ in cooperation with United nation (UN) in order to support micro finance and entrepreneurship within the first half of this year, Dr. Dalia Abdel Kader Head of Marketing & Communications at the bank announced today.

Abdel Kader asserted on the sidelines of the 6th Annual Conference of Egyptian Banking Institute (EBI) that the foundation aims to aware the banks of the importance of micro finance and entrepreneurship, and to provide finance for these sectors to support sustainable finance.

He noted that the foundation aims to raise awareness of the importance of training bankers for sustainable funding for these sectors, in addition to providing funding to encourage all banks, including AAIB to finance these projects.

Moreover, she emphasized that his bank is keen on supporting sustainable finance through imposing environmental studies on all funding requests submitted by the bank’s clients most notably, finances which are more than 10 million dollars, pointing out that the credit study is not enough, but the banks must be aware of the importance of environmental studies procedures and funding sustainable support.


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