Entrepreneurship & Business Support Unit


The Entrepreneurship Support unit builds upon the 5th pillar of the designed strategic framework: Creating an appropriate business environment. We do this through two initiatives; the Technology Entrepreneurship Accelerator (TEA) and the Startup Support program. The unit focuses on increasing awareness towards entrepreneurship within the ICT domain, qualifying technology startup candidates for Incubation through a launch pad program, developing a local, regional and international network of stakeholders to support entrepreneurs and increasing awareness regarding the importance of IP Rights and commercialization techniques.

Create a new tier of seed companies & startups that contribute towards economic development.
Create a high-wage and high-value job opportunities.
Increase Egypt’s patent recognition and as a result increase exports of ICT products.
Increase awareness towards entrepreneurship within the ICT domain.
Advocate new policies that support innovation and entrepreneurship in Egypt ICT cluster.
Entrepreneurship Support
The Entrepreneurship Accelerator Program (TEA)
One of the primary outreach initiatives of The Technology Innovation & Entrepreneurship Center is The Entrepreneurship Accelerator (TEA), which assists entrepreneurial ventures in addressing complex challenges associated with the identification and capture of business opportunities.
The accelerator is the catalyst that enables first-stage entrepreneurs to catapult their business to the next level. Our mission is to empower you with the tools you need to grow your business and provide you with the skills to make yourself a better entrepreneur and leader.

Business Support

IP support Program
IP support Program
Intellectual Property is a crucial factor in the innovation process. It enables business and individuals to produce products and ideas and gain a reward for their creativity.

Intellectual Property (IP) is an increasingly important means of supporting growth. There are many highly innovative SMEs in Egypt for whom the ability to protect their innovation is crucial to maintaining their competitive edge.

The program aims at creating an Egyptian base of SMEs, who will enable Egypt to move up in the global innovation index the field of information technology (IT) through increasing the number of registered patents as it is a key indicator in the index.
This will be feasible through accomplishing the following objectives:

Raising awareness in SMEs of the importance of IP protection, in order to include it as a tool in the management of innovation and business process through IP rights workshops training.
Supporting universities, in building a strong, innovative economy as a deeper understanding of the economic impacts of intellectual property rights on creators and users of IP, will eventually translate to wider benefits in the economy.
Improving the protection of SMEs’ IP rights through the increased registration of rights.
Removing the ambiguity associated with IP in Egypt associated with filing process.

Start up support Program
Start up Support Program
The Startup Support Program is a program established in 2013 by TIEC to help ICT startup companies. The program provides one-on-one customized support covering a broad range of topics, services, and resources important to the growth of new startup companies.

The program offers support tailored to the needs of each entrepreneur and the current stage of development of his/her new venture. This support will include an appropriate subset of the following:

Business coaching, including opportunity assessment and helping new entrepreneurs understand the scope and complexity of launching new ventures;
Help with preparing for outreach to sources of funding, including review of business plans and coaching for presentations;
Introductions and access to potential sources of investment, partners and service providers critical to new venture success, B2B linakages and networking opportunities;
A toolbox of materials/checklists/information that might advance the entrepreneur’s efforts.


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