USAID Helps Build Professional Communities for Entrepreneurs

In a keynote speech today at the ALROWAD conference for small and medium enterprises in Egypt, the United States confirmed its commitment to helping Egypt’s economy succeed. Over the past two years, USAID grantee ALROWAD has launched professional communities that work with businesses to improve their skills, increase revenue, create jobs, and use technology to grow their businesses.
“Small and medium enterprises play an important role in driving economic growth and job creation, and growing a business takes teamwork and lifelong learning,” said Dr. Mary C. Ott, Mission Director of USAID in Egypt. “The professional communities created through this project will help small and medium enterprises grow and thrive.”
This program is part of a broad and robust economic relationship that the U.S. has been building with Egypt for decades. A diverse trade and investment relationship has made America a significant partner in Egypt’s future, with total investments of almost $17 billion that have helped create hundreds of thousands of Egyptian jobs. The U.S. Government through USAID also partners with Egyptians to promote entrepreneurship as a driver of sustainable economic growth and way to create jobs.

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