Rise Up Egypt

RiseUp Egypt is the first-ever entrepreneurship summit that has ever happened in Egypt, taking place in the heart of Cairo, it will be held on the 24th & 25th of November. It aims to bring different key players of Egypt’s entrepreneuerial ecosystem, and the entrepreneurs in one place.
Why Rise Up Egypt?

– To showcase the vitality and opportunity in Egypt’s entrepreneurs.

– Entrepreneurs are changing Egypt for better.

– The next education or health innovation will come from entrepreneurs and the next 100,000 jobs will be created by start ups

– This event is organized by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs

– Even though there is a vibrant ecosystem, there has never been a single event hat brings all key players of Egypt’s ecosystem in one place.

Main Highlights

Trade Fair by Injaz: RiseUp Egypt is providing 50 booths for already established start-ups to showcase their products and services. The space is located next to the main media platform in the center of the campus.

Panel Discussions by multiple stakeholders: There are many challenges that face entrepreneurs and organizations working in entrepreneurship in Egypt, Each discussion will be moderated by an individual that has a relevant experience in the topic and he/she will be hosting a panel of diversified experts that can answer audience challenges. The duration of each panel is 1 hour.

Mini-workshops by flat6labs: Industry experts will be available to train entrepreneurs on certain technical skills relevant to their start-up needs.

Pitching event by Cairo-Angels: Cairo Angels will filter and cherry pick the best start-ups applying to their pitch event to pitch in front a group of Egypt’s top Angel investors.

Wamda’s MixN’Mentor: Mix N’ Mentor is a community event that brings together promising entrepreneurs with industry experts and investors to discuss specific startup challenges. With its unique format, Mix N’ Mentor forges deep long lasting connections between entrepreneurs and mentors.

Elevator pitch event: Through the elevator pitch event, Entrepreneurs will get the chance to test their presentation skills, build confidence and present their idea in 60 seconds or less to an Investor or seasoned Entrepreneur. This event will also be broadcasted live online.

Food by Egyptian F&B entrepreneurs: The F&B sector is one of the most growing business sectors in Egypt and the F&B start-ups are amongst the most popular ones. F&B in RiseUp Egypt will be delivered by these famous start-ups that will offer the best of the Egyptian flavors.

Entrepreneurship Awards: RiseUp is going to celebrate Egypt’s top start-ups, mentors, Accelerators, NGOs as well as Leaders (Heros) who have made sacrifices to help build this ecosystem.

Musical band performance: Underground music is on the rise in Egypt and entrepreneurs tend love their music this why we are hosting several musical performances by bands that have immerged post the revolution.

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