Day of Rage can’t stop Egyptian, self-funded pediatric startup Tabibi 24/7

While many entrepreneurs know the lessons learned from overcoming adversity, the founders of Tabibi 24/7 are today struggling to serve their customers from a battlezone. And in so doing, they demonstrate a resolve we think is worth aspiring to.

Christened the “Day of Rage,” by the Islamic Brotherhood, a Muslim organization fighting against the Egyptian government, at least 41 people have been killed in the fighing so far, according to an Al Jazeera report.

But today is also the day the three founders of Cairo, Egypt-based Tabibi 24/7 were recognized as Endeavor Entrepreneurs by an international selection panel, and offered services, including introductions to local and international business mentors and volunteers from Fortune 500 consulting firms.

Founded in January 2011 during the Arab Spring, a revolution that overturned the governments of four countries, including the founders’ native Egypt, Tabibi 24/7 is a healthcare company that provides 24-hour access to pediatric and family care in Cairo, the center of the most recent violent clashes.

One of the founders, managing director Karim Ragab, sent Upstart Business Journal an email to catch us up on what it’s like building and managing a company in the middle of the violence. Prior to founding the company, Ragab was a principle with private equity firm, Citadel Capital, and a principle with strategic consulting firm, Booz Allen Hamilton. The self-funded Tabibi 24/7 is currently negotiating their first round of equity financing, according to Ragab.

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