PM, experts discuss roadmap for economic recovery, social justice

At its meeting Monday under Prime Minister Dr. Hazem El Biblawy, the economic group discussed an economic and social roadmap, which includes a strategic vision of a better future for Egypt.

The meeting emphasized that the roadmap should aim at achieving social justice through observing the limited income strata and the need for pushing forward the economic system.

The roadmap aims at offering a vision and strategy to the government to be implemented in the coming stage through specific timetables for urgent projects and long term ones with the aim of benefiting from them in the future.

During the meeting an agreement was reached on the need for the roadmap to focus on the current status of economy, how to face up to the current challenges, an economic and strategic vision and the urgent, medium and long term plans as well as providing the financial resources needed for securing the sources of energy, essential consumer commodities and determining the future investment opportunities that need to be promoted in the coming stage.

During the meeting, Premier Biblawy stressed the importance of settling contractors entitlements, stressing the need for redressing the budget deficit and correcting distortions in payment balance.

The Prime Ministers assigned the Ministers of planning, Finance and Investment to draw up the roadmap by the end of August, 2013.

Minister of planning Dr Ashraf El Araby said the current approach of the government aims at clamping no new taxes with the aim of achieving social justice, and reactivating economy, as the economic growth rate did not exceed 3% during the past three years. He said the government aims at achieving a growth rate of 3.5% this fiscal year.

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