Morsi: No use of growth that does not achieve fair distribution of wealth

In press statements he made on the sidelines of his visit to Brazil, President Mohamed Morsi said that Egypt has a plan to improve the standards of living of the Egyptian people, adding that the citizens should feel such improvement very soon.


The president said that he is keen on visiting other countries to achieve the highest possible benefits to the Egyptian people. We are looking for eradicating poverty in Egypt as Brazil did, he said.


Responding to a question on how to make use of the Brazilian experience to stamp out poverty, President Morsi said after signing a number of agreements with the Brazilian officials, some meetings will be held between experts from both countries on the means of making use of that experience. He stressed the role of the NGOs in eliminating poverty, urging the necessity of their cooperation with the government in this regard.


The president said that he is keen on achieving fair distribution of wealth, because without such distribution there is no use of increasing growth rates.


He said development rate is not enough for measuring real progress as this rate may be beneficial to certain groups of the society, adding that we are seeking to establish a broad based social justice umbrella from which all citizens can benefit.


The President said the 25th January Revolution was not an uprising of the poor or the hungry, highlighting that the goals of the revolution are freedom, free will and free choice of electing Egypt’s leaders.


On the so called judges’ crisis, the president said the independence of the judiciary and respect of rulings should be maintained, stressing the importance of separation between the legislation and the judiciary.

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