#Egypt Working On New Open Source Software Strategy

Egypt is working on a new open source software strategy in a move that will see most government bodies move to open source software, also likely to cut costs incurred on licenses and updates of regular software.

Speaking to Egypt’s open source community, the ICT Minister Hany Mahmoud said a community was already in place to formulate the open source strategy.

The Open Source Strategy Committee unveiled earlier this year aims to make a smooth shift from the use of closed source software to open source especially in government bodies to attain technological independence and develop its open source software industry as well.

The meeting attended by firms such as Egypt Open Source Association and several ICT firms in Egypt discussed information accessibility, building instead of importing technology  and guaranteeing the security and continuity of the new open source software industry to help firms gradually transition to open source applications, especially governmental sector and education firms.

The committee has this year to work on the implementation process. The attendees are at the moment providing the public with the importance of open source software  and encouraging its demand locally.

Formed by the ICT ministries official decree, the Open Source Strategy Committee aims at developing a new strategy to make use of the open source software-based applications as a national strategy for Egypt during the period to come.


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