#Intel Youth Enterprise Program boosts power of #entrepreneurship in #Egypt

Intel with the Technology Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center (TIEC) hosted for the first time Intel’s global entrepreneurship program “Intel youth Enterprise Program” in Egypt starting from today Feb. 14th to Feb 16th.

“Intel youth Enterprise Program” ideation camp main objective is to improve ideation, innovation and entrepreneurship skills among university students by giving them the opportunity to work on real challenges facing Egypt and come-up with implementable IT-solutions that can help in solving those challenges. The program also targets to link between graduation projects at universities and real life in-country challenges in order to build a bridge between theoretical and practical learning in Egyptian university students.

“It is our duty to create a healthy and positive environment to support youth in having an innovative and entrepreneurial mindset as it is the key to a success future.” stated Eng. Karim El Fateh, Intel Egypt Country Manager. The goal of ‘Intel youth Enterprise Program’ is to train participants’ creative mindset and inspire them to become successful entrepreneurs as one of Intel’s ‘Egypt tomorrow’ initiative main objectives.  During the Camp, participants learn to identify challenges, to look at them as opportunities and gain the confidence to design solutions, become the innovators of tomorrow and to upkeep the Egyptian community development.

“Egypt recognizes that a country’s capacity for innovation and entrepreneurship is critically important for successfully competing in the global marketplace and promoting social progress. Our mission is to support entrepreneurs in crucial phases of their lifecycle and help them grow.” Said Dr. Hossam Osman the acting executive manager of TIEC.

In collaboration with TIEC, Intel has trained 20 instructors selected by TIEC to promote an instructional excellence, and 50 students from different universities were also selected to attend the first camp. Intel Youth Enterprise Program is a nationwide program that shall be pursued in collaboration with TIEC, Ministry of communications and information technology, local universities, and local NGOs targeting to train more than 1000 students in Egypt during this year as the need for cutting edge innovations as well as the systemic enterprise creation are continuously growing due to tougher competition and the world globalization.


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