Entrepreneurship V2.0 – Omar Soudodi – TEDxAUC

Entrepreneurship V2.0 is a series of interviews with Egypt’s most inspiring entrepreneurs run by TEDxAUC in preparation for its Idea Bakers event on the 23rd of November 2012. This interview features Omar Soudodi, General Manager, Souq Egypt.

Omar Soudodi was born in New Jersey (USA) where he spent his early years before returning to Egypt. His entrepreneurial spirit started early on at the age of 19 were he negotiated a partnership agreement on behalf of his family to convert family owned Italian restaurant into the first McDonalds chain in Alexandria- Egypt.

Omar moved back to the U.S. to continue his education, where he attended California State University, Fullerton, coupled with obtaining his Financial Advisor certification from the National Association of Securities Dealers (NASD). Upon completing his studies, Omar worked for various banks in different capacities primarily in commercial, international, and private banking, as Assistant Vice President at Bank of America Private Bank, California Bank & Trust and Sunwest bank. In 2003 Omar published a white paper introducing a new business-to-business marketing technique (Power Marketing), which was later adopted by California Bank & Trust and Sunwest Bank for their commercial business development activities.

After ten years in the U.S., Omar was curious to come to Middle East and break new grounds with Accelarabia.com initially founding the first online mortgage aggregator in the Middle East earning him two nominations: young Entrepreneur nomination 2005 and Arab technology award nomination in 2006 and various guest speaker opportunities in PAN Arab technology conferences such co-chairing the e-commerce summit 2008 Dubai. Omar joined Souq.com with the goal to help expand the company in North Africa with Souq.com Egypt being the top e-commerce site in Egypt as well as launching Souq.com Real Estate and Automotive early last year.

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